Through the assistance of our foreign counterparts, the Maritime Group largely benefitted the training assistance that were provided annually by foreign agencies such as US-Dept. of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program ( U.S. DOJ- ICITAP), Joint Inter-Agency Task Force-West (JIATF West), Raytheon Company and other foreign agencies. Thus, no amount of logistical superiority would ensure success without an equally professional, adept and skill work force. The Maritime Group has participated in numerous foreign training courses and seminars. A total of 150 MG personnel availed the said trainings and seminars in CY 2014, while a total of 240 in CY 2015.


baker piston

                                                         BAKER-PISTON Course

One of the series of training exercises provided by U.S. Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) conducted by the United States Army, which was participated in by the Maritime Group: Special Boat Unit and Special Reaction Unit. The purpose of the exercise is to practice and develop counter-narcotics operations


2ND bckground



Another training exercise sponsored by the US DOJ-ICITAP. The exercise involves drug enforcement and sea interdiction training conducted by the U.S Navy


baker piston 3


This training is to boost the capacity of the participants in small unit tactics, boat operations and weapons marksmanship using night fighting systems. It is facilitated by personnel from the U.S. Marines.



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