Criminal Offenses and Penalties stated under Presidential Decree No. 705 otherwise known as the Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines:

  1. Cutting, gathering and/or collecting timber or other products without license.
  2. Unlawful occupation or destruction of forest lands.
  3. Pasturing Livestock
  4. Illegal occupation of national parks system and recreation areas and vandalism therein.
  5. Destruction of wildlife resources
  6. Survey by unauthorized person
  7. Misclassification and survey by government official or employee.
  8. Tax declaration on real property.
  9. Coercion and influence
  10. Unlawful possession of implements and devices used by forest officers.
  11. Payment, collection and remittance of forest charges.
  12. Sale of wood products
  13. Arrest; Institution of criminal actions

On the Campaign against Illegal logging enforcing the Forestry Reform of the Philippines, this Group has arrested 22 persons violating said Code seizing a total of Php 596,474.10 estimated amount of evidence and 4 cases turned over to DENR for their administrative adjudication.



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